- 20th Mar 2018
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Tag : #Inspire

Never let
success get to your head
and never let
failure get to your heart.
- 11th Mar 2018
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There’s no talent here,
this is hard work.
This is an obsession.
Talent does not exist,
we are all equals as human beings.
You could be anyone if you put in the time.
You will reach the top and that’s that.
I am not talented, I am obsessed.
- 04th Mar 2018
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Tag : #Friends

Not every time it is about
finding your perfect partner for life,
Life is still incomplete
if you do not have a
perfect best friend for life.
- 03rd Mar 2018
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My philosophy is:
It's none of my business what people
say of me and think of me.
I am what I am,
and I do what I do.
I expect nothing and
accept everything.
And it makes life so much easier.
- 28th Feb 2018
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- 14th Feb 2018
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Tag : #Inspire

Work hard
while the world is playing.
So one day you can play
while the world is working.
- 03rd Feb 2018
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Tag : #Friends

Just today I realised that
I don't have many pictures
with my best friends.
Maybe because we were
busy storing memories in our hearts
than in a 32gb device ...
- 24th Jan 2018
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Tag : #Fact

There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for changing them.
- 19th Jan 2018
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Tag : #True

You will continue to suffer
if you have an emotional reaction
to everything that is said to you.
True power is sitting back
and observing everything with logic;
true power is restraint.
If words control you that means
everyone else can control your breathe
and allow things to pass.
- 14th Jan 2018
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Tag : #True

- 09th Jan 2018
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Tag : #Friends

No medicine was able
to heal my pain,
But a conversation with
my best friend did.
- 03rd Jan 2018
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Shy, introvert, calm, respectful,
and soft spoken for the world.

Wild, chatter-box, rude,
and super crazy for my world, my friends.

I am Living a double role
in the movie of my life.
- 29th Dec 2017
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I came from nothing,
So i can never lose,
Everything is a win.
- 25th Dec 2017
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Tag : #True

- 21st Dec 2017
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I see 1000 girls,
I know 100 girls,
I talk to 10 girls,
I love 1 girl.