Import data from CSV file using PHP in MySQL

Some time you need to import bulk data to application, for that CSV is preferred format. You can also use PHPMyAdmin to import CSV file, however it’s cool to use PHPMyAdmin as a developer but you may not want to allow Client/User to import via it, because there are large no. of operations can perform… | Click here to read more.

How to use Curl in PHP to retrieve data from other page

In some case if you want to retrieve data from another user i am normally using¬†file_get_contents($link); But some sites disabled file access by using file_get_content(), in that situation we can use Curl functions of PHP. For this you must need to enable CURL in your PHP server. API_URL contains a URL of API that you… | Click here to read more.

Using MySQLi in PHP as OOPS

With newer version PHP5.5 mysql_*() methods are deprecated. Normally most of developers are using this method for database operations. After PHP5.5 there are two options for performing database operations: Use MySQLi Use PDO PDO stands for PHP Data Objects. PDO allow us to use various different types of database with same syntax. PDO is suggested… | Click here to read more.

Using MD5 for storing password in PHP and MySQL

Many people are store password directly on database. Due to which risk of misusing is increased. We mist need to perform certain operations on password before storing it, which is know as hashing or encryption of password. There are various range of hashing functions are available such as md5(), sha1(), crtyp(), hash(). In this article… | Click here to read more.

Validation of input data using PHP

We must need to validate data before manipulating and performing operation on it. Most of websites contains client side validation however server side validation is important because client side validation may fail due to older verson of browser or disabled JavaScript. I am writing this post, in which include various tricks for validating different types… | Click here to read more.