Some SQL Tricks for MySQL and SQL Server that help you

Hello, In this section you can find some important SQL queries that really help you as a developer. For MS SQL Server Use Comma-separated values with IN clause Add new column with default value Retrieve list of table Retrieve list of column from table Obtain only Date part from current date & time For MySQL… | Click here to read more.

Import data from CSV file using PHP in MySQL

Some time you need to import bulk data to application, for that CSV is preferred format. You can also use PHPMyAdmin to import CSV file, however it’s cool to use PHPMyAdmin as a developer but you may not want to allow Client/User to import via it, because there are large no. of operations can perform… | Click here to read more.

Create database user and assign it’s access to user in MySQL

If you want to create different users for your different database due to security reasons then this article is for you. In MySQL we can grant access/privileges of database to user as well as revoke or even delete user too. We can also assign full access to any user for any database by using below… | Click here to read more.