Using Popper.js for generating tooltips

In web application usually, you need to generate a tooltip that will display an icon, buttons, or something else. most of the people use title attribute or data attribute for that but the position for the tooltip is not fixed. Sometimes it displays on left, right, or even on the content itself. Popper.js is the… | Click here to read more.

Using Apache Cordava to create a Hybrid Application

Cordova is open source mobile development framework for that allow us to create Mobile applications with standard web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. If you are web developer and want to create hybrid mobile application which runs on multiple platforms such as Android, iOs, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and many more. Cordova became very… | Click here to read more.

Create HTML Try It using HTML and JavaScript

Certain time it’s really boring to update file through text editor and switch to browser reload page if not get proper output then switch back to editor! Instead of this you can use own custom HTML Try It like w3school’s. It’s pretty simple technique. You need to create one large textarea which contains your html… | Click here to read more.

How to use data attribute of html5 in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3

In HTML5 we can also define our own attributes. Normally those attributes are prefixed with data-*. However it is not compulsory but if you are not using data prefix then may not work in all browsers. Those attributes are very helpful because we can easily access those attributes with JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. Even we… | Click here to read more.

Case converter in JavaScript

There are many situations in which you need to convert case of text. This post contains various snippet for case converting including Upper case, Lower case, Toggle case, Sentence case, and Proper case using JavaScript. Click here to download HTML file contains demo. For Upper case we can simply use toUpperCase() method of string: For… | Click here to read more.

Add Scroll to top button in your webpage

If you want to add Scroll to top button then you can simply use window.scrollTo() methid of JavaScript. But it will not provide smooth scrolling. For smooth scrooling you need to use below snippet of JavaScript & CSS. Note that this code using jQuery methods, so you need to use jQuery.min.js file into your page…. | Click here to read more.

How to Disable right click using JavaScript

Some time your page contains sensitive data for example your page contains images and you don’t want user download those images by right clicking, in this situation you need to disable right click. However many developers are saying “Don’t do it” because we can’t  prevent users for this! However if you still want to disable… | Click here to read more.