How to Use SVG Icons like FontAwesome

Almost web application contains some type of icons for user interactions. Many of them use .png images which takes some time to load, and others are using sprite image generated by some tools which takes less time compared to .png images but still takes. Another major con of images is that you can not use… | Click here to read more.

Display loader while loading page using CSS & jQuery

In many situations you want to show loader to users while page is loading. After loading this page this loading icon/image should be gone away. You can use below snippet for this, in which i am using css animation for producing look of progress ring of windows 8. However you can use any image/icon. Add… | Click here to read more.

How to use data attribute of html5 in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3

In HTML5 we can also define our own attributes. Normally those attributes are prefixed with data-*. However it is not compulsory but if you are not using data prefix then may not work in all browsers. Those attributes are very helpful because we can easily access those attributes with JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. Even we… | Click here to read more.

How to Disable text selection using CSS

In most browsers, this can be achieved using proprietary variations on the CSS user-select property, the user-select is currently supported in all browsers except Internet¬†Explorer 9 and earlier versions. Note that user-select a non-standard feature. It is not guaranteed to work everywhere, and there might be differences in implementation among browsers and in the future… | Click here to read more.