How to Minify files and Unminify files

Some times you got files which are Minified such as jquery.min.js or bootstrap.min.css. Here this .min refer minified version of file. If you are opened minified files then you may notice that minified files does not have any spaces, new lines, and even some time comments! It also replaces name of variables in case of javascript where variables names are larger. Disadvantage of those files is that it is very difficult to understood(even i think not possible for larger files). So why we are minify files? The reason for minifying file is that it take small space and less bandwidth for loading page so website automatically became faster. That’s why we need to use minified files for our sites.

Below are popular sites for minify file based on type:

What if you receive minified file frmo your friend or some other resources such as internet, in this situations there are several tools are available which are perfectly opposite of minifing they are known as Unminify. Below are popular Unminify tools:

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