Working with API.AI

Note:Google have changed name of API.AI to DIalogFlow and some of UI components. API.AI is an AI tool that runs automated task continuously. API.AI is a site using which we can create chatbots. It is simple and free to create chatbot. In last September 2016, Google acquired it and used it in Google Assistant. And… | Click here to read more.

Using Entity Framework Core 2.0 (EFC2)

About EFC2 The Entity Framework is a set of technologies that support the development of data-oriented applications to work with relational data. It is is an ORM. The Entity Framework provides services like tracking, identity resolution, lazy loading, and query translation so that developers can focus on their application-specific business logic rather than the data… | Click here to read more.

Using Razor View Engine in ASP.Net web Applications

The view engine is responsible for creating HTML from your views. Views are usually some kind of mix-up of HTML and a programming language. The choice of view engine is important, because the feature sets of view engines are quite different. The Razor syntax is based on the C# programming language, and that’s the language… | Click here to read more.

Create Restful APIs by using ASP.Net Web API 2

ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building HTTP services that can be accessed from any client including browsers and mobile devices. It is an ideal platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework. However it can also use to create non RESTful services. It works more or less the same way as ASP.NET… | Click here to read more.

Using Apache Cordava to create a Hybrid Application

Cordova is open source mobile development framework for that allow us to create Mobile applications with standard web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. If you are web developer and want to create hybrid mobile application which runs on multiple platforms such as Android, iOs, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and many more. Cordova became very… | Click here to read more.

About JSON

JSON Stands for javascript object notation as a name suggest it is extended from javascript. The main purpose of JSON is transferring data; this transfer may be between different pages/application and server those application may build in different languages. JSON is a lightweight in compare to XML which provide similar functionality of transferring data but… | Click here to read more.