Create Chatbots using API.AI and deploy on Google Cloud

This course will give you a low level understanding of Entity Framework Core 2 & how to use it ASP.Net Core.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn API AI for creating bots
  • Learn how to deploy app on Google Cloud
  • Create webhooks in various Programming languages
  • Publish your bots on various Platforms


  • Basic knowledge of what is Chatbots
  • Basic knowledge of PHP/Python/NodeJs/C#
  • Accounts in Skype/Facebook/Slack/Google/Microsoft
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript/C#/Android/Java


AI is Artificial intelligence, Study of intelligent agents and takes actions. Bots are Software application that runs automated tasks and Simulate how a human would behave.

API.AI is a site that provides Supports for creating Chatbots. It's primary advantage is that it supports various APIs and SDKs for development. It was Google's product and freely available to use. It was simple to use, and also have proper documents that will helps you if you stuck anywhere.

API.AI works on various platforms, we can provide queries in text as well as voice command. API.AI Agent will identify this query and pass to appropriate API.AI Intent, which may give static reply or perform some DB or other operations via fulfillment. And received data will display or play on your device.

  • Through this series we will learn how to create Agents, Intent, Entities, and how to use Context, Events, Fulfillment, Rich Messages.
  • Along with this we will Deploy webhook for PHP, Pyrhon, ASP.Net, and NodeJs using Google Cloud.
  • Publish bots on Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant.
  • Create client for Javascript, .Net, Android, Java.

We will learn all above things through this video series. If you have any doubts then you can contact me via mail and Q & A.

Who is the target audience?

  • This is for newbies who want to create Chatbots
  • Developer who want to create bots on popular platforms

View on Youtube Udemy @ 10$ Teachable @ 12$