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Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

Stamp on Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

Date of Issue: 30 December 2015
Description: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
Denomination INR: 5 Rupee

Alagumuthu Kone

Stamp on Alagumuthu Kone

Date of Issue: 26 December 2015
Description: Alagumuthu Kone
Denomination INR: 5 Rupee

Sumitranandan Pant

Stamp on Sumitranandan Pant

Date of Issue: 23 December 2015
Description: Sumitranandan Pant
Denomination INR: 5 Rupee

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Indian Postage Stamps

Indian Postage Stamps

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage.

Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet

Miniature sheet is a small group of postage stamps still attached to the sheet on which they were printed.



Sheetlets is a format that is now issued regularly by postal administrations. Instead of issuing stamps in large sheets.

Joint Issues

Joint Issues

Joint issues are stamps issued by at least two countries on the basis of a common event, usually at the same date.



Se-tenant stamps or labels are printed from the same plate and sheet and adjoin one another, unsevered in a strip or block.

My Stamps

My Stamp – Personalized Postage Stamp

The personalized stamps will have two parts-the currency part and the photograph-detachable from each other.

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