Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro

Pro copywriter/Cambridge University writing teacher reveals the secrets for writing blogs and business docs that enthral

“This is perhaps the best writing course I've ever taken. That includes my time in University.” STEPHEN L HEWITT, UDEMY STUDENT


  • Want to craft irresistible content that has your readers glued to the page?

  • Want to attract thousands of readers to your blog by writing addictive, shareable posts that are guaranteed to go viral?

  • Want to discover the secret, elite persuasive writing techniques known only to the world’s top copywriters, speechwriters and academics specialising in literature?

  • Want to compel your readers to take action through the power of persuasive reports, proposals, websites and marketing content?

  • Want to know how to instantly get your ideas out of your head and onto the page - in a way that makes people sit up and take notice?

  • Want to motivate others to buy your product? Change their mindset? Take on board your ideas?

  • Want to uncover the secrets of turning snooze-worthy sentences into scintillating prose?

If any of these apply to you, this is the course for you.



As its name suggests, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro takes you from the writing fundamentals right through to the elite techniques practised by the world’s top copywriters. Top copywriters like your instructor, Dr Clare Lynch, in fact.

From the very first lectures, you’ll be inspired to beat writer’s block and get something down on the page. You'll also gain instant ideas for taking your first draft from OK to outstanding.

Next, you’ll discover a secret most writing and editing teachers won’t share with you: that good writing isn’t just about the writing. For the most

Category Business/Communications
Duration 344 Minutes
Rating 4.48
Instructor Clare Lynch
Price USD 199.99  USD 199.99
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